Fresh Batch of $Cash$!! (Umm.... Awkward)

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Fresh Batch of $Cash$!! (Umm.... Awkward)

Post by FefeRawft on Thu Jun 05, 2008 2:22 pm

The $Cash$ Bar will be raised to $1000 soon. And, new items will be released. It is scheduled for tomorrow. Also, every new user will start off with $5 to avoid the screen from being streched (If a points bar is over 100, it will overflow unless it has something in it, then it will go back down to the 100 size). You can buy a "House" which is an upgraded Sub-Forum (You can buy one in Fefe's Goods.) You can do one of three things. Upgrade you Sub-Forum to a house for $500, buy a house for $1000. Or upgrade you house to a mansion for another $1000. A Sub-Forum is.... well.... a Sub-Forum. A house is a forum. A mansion is a category with forums inside. To get a mansion, you can either: Buy a Sub-Forum for $500, upgrade it for $500, and then upgrade it to a mansion for $1000. Or you could buy a House for $1000, and upgrade it for $1000. If you have 4 Sub-Forums (or more), you can combine them into a mansion for free (I happenes automatically). If you have 2 Sub-Forums, you can combine them into a house for free (Auto.). If you have two houses you can combine them into a mansion for free (Again its automatic.). You can also adopt special Helpers (Prices varie depending on services), purchase new Helpers, and buy a Helper Slot (Allows you to have more than one helper at a time. Also, you can buy Forum Helpers. There will be the first set of Petz (Special Pets you can buy) for different prices depending on if I like the species, and what it does. The less I like the species, the lower the price is. After a certain amount of time, they will be extinct (I won't sell them anymore) and a new set will be released.
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